What is Australia Famous For? 51 Things (13 only Aussies will get!)

Have you been wondering “What is Australia famous for?”

You’ve come to the right place because I first came to Australia a few years back and now live Down Under as a permanent resident so I know Aussie culture well! In fact, some of the things on this list were the very aspects that piqued my curiosity about moving to Australia– or maybe I was just longing to land a role in Neighbours!  

Either way, this blog post will give you some insight into 51 things Australia is known for. From Aussie TV soaps to the natural wonders of Australia such as Uluru, to the oh-so-scary drop bears (you got to watch out for those!) you’ll get the lowdown right here!

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What Is Australia Famous for?

Natural Wonders and Breathtaking Landscapes

1. The Great Barrier Reef

Australia Great Barrier Reef What is Australia Famous for?

When someone asks, “What is Australia famous for?” it’s almost impossible not to have the Great Barrier Reef at the top of your list.

As the world’s largest coral reef system with over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands, it stretches an incredible 2,300 kilometres and is the only living thing visible from space.

The Reef, with its spectacle of colour and life, offers an extraordinary experience, whether you are scuba diving or snorkelling.

The Great Barrier Reef served as the stunning backdrop and inspiration for the animated classic Finding Nemo.

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2. Uluru

The inspiring scenery of Australia are great reasons to move to Australia

Next on our list is Uluru or, as you might also hear it called, Ayers Rock. This beauty is no regular rock – it’s a massive sandstone icon standing taller than the Eiffel Tower right in the middle of Australia’s Northern Territory.

It’s not just its size that’s impressive; Uluru holds a special place in the heart of the local Anangu Aboriginal people.

The caves, rock formations, and centuries-old paintings are like an open book, telling stories of the Anangu’s Dreamtime – their traditional mythologies and customs.

And here’s the best bit – the stunning light show Uluru puts on at sunrise and sunset. As the day’s first and last rays hit the rock, it changes colour in the most extraordinary way. From a soft mauve to a fiery red, finally settling into a deep brown as night falls. 

In 2019, climbing Uluru was respectfully banned to preserve the cultural significance and the safety of the site.

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3. The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles Australia Famous

These towering limestone stacks rising from the Southern Ocean along the Great Ocean Road are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

But here’s a fun fact for you: despite their name, there are actually only eight Apostles remaining. Time and the relentless ocean waves have led to their numbers diminishing over the years, but don’t let that deter you.

Each of these mighty formations is a testament to the power and beauty of nature’s sculpting hand.

The scenery here is what postcards are made of. Dramatic cliffs? Check. Sparkling turquoise waters? Absolutely. Majestic pillars standing against the test of time? Oh yes.

The best time to visit? Try golden hour – that magical time when the sun begins to set, casting an ethereal glow over the Apostles.

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4. The Whitsundays

Whitsunday Island Queensland Australia

The Whitsundays are a collection of 74 blissful, sun-drenched islands nestled in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. With their pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and abundant marine life, they are the embodiment of tropical paradise.

Located in the Whitsundays is Whitehaven Beach. Often topping the lists of the world’s best beaches, it is nothing short of breathtaking!

5. The Blue Mountains

Prince Henry Cliff Walk Best Blue Mountains Walks

The Blue Mountains, named for the blue haze that hovers around the ranges, are a nature lover’s dream.

The area is home to a network of hiking trails that range from serene walks to challenging treks. Take a stroll and you might stumble upon a hidden waterfall, a stunning viewpoint, or a picturesque picnic spot.

Then, of course, there are the Three Sisters. These iconic rock formations, situated in Katoomba, are one of the most famous sites in the Blue Mountains!

Unique Wildlife

6. Kangaroos and Wallabies

Kangaroos in regional Australia

When you think about what Australia is known for, there’s a good chance that kangaroos and wallabies hop into your mind right off the bat. Can’t blame you, mate! These Aussie mascots are as iconic as it gets.

So, where can you catch a glimpse of these bouncy critters in the wild? If it’s kangaroos, you’re after, head over to places like Kangaroo Island or Murramarang National Park.

For wallabies, Cradle Mountain in Tasmania is a top spot. These locations are abundant with our hopping pals, so keep your cameras at the ready.

7. Koalas

Chloe having a photo taken next to a Koala at the Wild LIFE park in Sydney

Let’s chat about one of Australia’s most adorable ambassadors – koalas! These cuddly, eucalyptus-loving critters are a quintessential part of the Australian image and often visitors want to hold them, However, it’s important to remember that regulations around holding koalas vary across states.

❗️It’s illegal to touch or hold koalas in most parts of Australia, including New South Wales and Victoria. BUT if you want to get close to one as I did in the picture above, you can book your tickets here.

8. Wombats

Australia is known for its chunky wombats roaming around bushland!  When it comes to spotting wombats, your best bet is in the southern regions of Australia, particularly in Tasmania and the southeastern parts of the mainland.

These areas offer the perfect habitat for wombats to thrive, with their open grasslands, woodlands, and forests.

9. Great White Sharks

Australia is renowned as a premier destination for shark diving, and when it comes to the ultimate adrenaline rush, encountering the mighty Great White Shark is unparalleled. Two notable locations stand out for these exhilarating experiences:

Port Lincoln, known as the “Great White Shark capital of the world,” offers cage diving and observation opportunities.

The Neptune Islands, off the coast of South Australia, provide another incredible destination for Great White Shark encounters.

10. Quokkas

Quokka at Rottnest Island

Quite simply, the happiest creatures on earth, Australia is famous for “Quokka Selfies”. These small marsupials have earned the title of “the happiest creatures on Earth” due to their perpetually smiling faces.

Quokkas can be found on Rottnest Island, located of the coast of Western Australia.  Quokkas are known for their fearlessness and their habit of approaching humans, making it easier to get up close and personal for that perfect quokka selfie.

11. Drop Bears

Drop bears are mischievous relatives of koalas known for their habit of dropping from trees onto unsuspecting passersby.

With their sharp teeth and ferocious nature, they are said to be a force to reckon with…

12. Deadly Animals

Chloe holding a large snake a WildLIFE park in Sydney

It’s not only drop bears you need to watch out for. Australia is renowned for its diverse and unique wildlife, including some of the world’s deadliest creatures.

From venomous snakes to dangerous spiders and marine life, caution is advised when encountering these fascinating animals.

Species like the inland taipan, redback spider, and box jellyfish are notable examples.

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Australian Cultural Icons and Landmarks

13. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House stands as a world-famous architectural masterpiece. With its iconic sail-like design, it has become an enduring symbol of Australia.

This cultural landmark not only mesmerizes with its breathtaking exterior but also plays a vital role in hosting a diverse range of performances and events.

From opera and ballet to concerts and theatre productions. You can even take a tour around the building and learn about its history.

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14. Bondi Beach

Living in England vs Australia Kevin on Bondi Beach

There are thousands of beaches in Australia but Bondi Beach, Australia’s most famous stretch of sand, is synonymous with the vibrant surf culture that defines the country.

Bondi Beach attracts locals and tourists all year round with its golden sands, crashing waves, and energetic atmosphere.

Bondi Beach is not only renowned for its beach culture but has gained further fame through the popular TV show “Bondi Rescue.” The Bondi lifeguards do an amazing job there, so be sure to abide by the rules if you visit!

Aside from its inviting waters, Bondi Beach offers stunning coastal walks, such as the Bondi to Coogee coastal trail that provide panoramic views and a chance to soak in the laid-back beachside vibes.

Although Bondi Beach is iconic, it can be incredibly busy! Luckily the eastern suburbs of Sydney is home to some amazing quiet beaches that are as equally spectacular as Bondi!

15. The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge with Boat

Now, we can’t talk about Sydney without giving a shout-out to its counterpart, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

If you’re up for an adrenaline rush and want to soak in some seriously epic views of Sydney, you gotta try the bridge climb. Scaling this beast allows you to take in the cityscape like never before, with the sparkling Sydney harbour and skyline as your backdrop.

You can even do this walk in the dark, or propose at the top if that’s your thing!

16. Melbournes Laneways

Melbourne's Laneways covered in Artistic Graffiti

Melbourne’s laneways are a world of vibrant street art, where every corner bursts with creativity.

These laneways are not just about art though; they’re also home to a thriving coffee culture and quirky shops.

So, grab a cup of coffee, wander through the laneways, and soak up the urban charm that makes Melbourne truly unique.

17. The Outback (a.k.a the bush)

Outback Spirit Tours and Reviews

The Outback, also known as the Bush, is a vast and rugged interior that defines what Australia is famous for. It is known for its remote and untamed landscapes, including deserts, and sweeping plains.

With deep cultural significance to Aboriginal communities and embodying the spirit of Australian identity, the Outback represents adventure, resilience, and a connection to the land.

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Sports Australia is known for

18. The Australian Open

The Australian Open, held annually in Melbourne, stands as a prestigious and highly anticipated event in the tennis world.

Taking place in the month of January, it signals the beginning of the new tennis season and attracts top players from across the globe to showcase their skills on the court.

With a storied history dating back to 1905, the Australian Open has become an emblem of excellence, captivating sports enthusiasts with its thrilling matches and contributing to Australia’s reputation as a powerhouse in the sporting realm.

19. The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup, held on the first Tuesday of November, is Australia’s most prestigious horse race. It’s not just a race, but a nationwide celebration – in Melbourne, it is even a public holiday! 

With stylish fashion, traditional customs, and a vibrant social atmosphere, people across the country come together to dress up, place bets, and revel in the excitement of this iconic event.

20. AFL (Australian Football League) and the NRL (Rugby League Football) aka. Footy

Get ready to talk footy, because Australia wouldn’t be the same without its beloved AFL (Australian Football League) and NRL (National Rugby League)!

The phrase “footy” is a broad term Aussies use to describe these two different, but equally thrilling, sports.

In the AFL corner, we’ve got a unique brand of football that’s a spectacle of high-flying catches (known as ‘marks’) and long-distance kicks.

Aussie Rules, as it’s colloquially known, is a big deal Down Under with legendary teams like the Collingwood Magpies and Hawthorn Hawks adding a bit of spice to the mix with their historic rivalries.

Then there’s NRL, the Aussie incarnation of rugby league, where strength, strategy, and speed combine into a game. The State of Origin series between New South Wales and Queensland? Now that’s a rivalry which could give any classic sports feud a run for its money!

Whether you’re in a pub in Sydney, a living room in Melbourne, or a BBQ anywhere across the country, you can bet there’ll be intense debates and passionate discussions about footy.

It’s all part of what makes Australia the unique, sports-crazy nation it is.

21. Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Every Boxing Day, Australia hosts one of the world’s most exciting sailing events – the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race! I’ve had the privilege of witnessing this spectacle firsthand, and let me tell you, it’s one for the bucket list.

This isn’t just any regatta; it’s a gruelling 628 nautical mile course that takes sailors down Australia’s stunning eastern coastline, all the way to Hobart in Tasmania.

The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is an undeniable part of what Australia is known for. So, here’s a top tip: if you’re in Sydney during the festive season, make sure you check it out. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

22. The Ashes

The Ashes Australia vs England

Now, let’s get onto another gripping facet of Australian sports – cricket. And when we talk about cricket in Australia, we absolutely cannot miss out on the Ashes. The Ashes is a Test cricket series played between Australia and England, and folks, it’s not just a game, it’s a tradition steeped in history, rivalry, and national pride.

The competition kicked off way back in 1882 and it’s called the “Ashes” based on a satirical obituary published in a British newspaper,

The Sporting Times, lamenting the death of English cricket after a surprising Australian win. The obituary stated that English cricket would be cremated and the ashes sent to Australia.

Fast forward to today, and the battle for the small terracotta urn (symbolising those ‘ashes’) remains one of the most anticipated events in international cricket. Played alternately in England and Australia, it’s a hotly contested series of five matches that can truly make or break sporting legends.

Whether you’re a cricket fan or not, the Ashes is a dramatic spectacle that’s woven into the fabric of Aussie culture. It’s an intrinsic part of what Australia is famous for, and a sporting rivalry that’s stood the test of time!

 Indigenous Culture and Heritage

23. Aboriginal Art

Jumping right into another Aussie cultural treasure, let’s chat about Aboriginal art, an art form so ancient and diverse it’ll make your head spin! Aboriginal art isn’t just about striking colors and intricate patterns; it’s a powerful storytelling tool that has been at the heart of the world’s oldest continuous culture for over 60,000 years.

Its deep-rooted history makes it a cornerstone of what Australia is famous for. The art is teeming with symbolism, each design speaking volumes about Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, traditions, and the sacred relationship between the people and the land.

Galleries? Oh, they’re dotted across the country! But for a truly immersive experience, head to the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra or the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney. These cultural hubs house jaw-dropping collections of traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art that will leave you spellbound.

And for a truly unique experience, consider visiting the Utopia region near Alice Springs, a vibrant centre of Aboriginal art production. Here, you’ll see firsthand how local artists continue their ancestors’ storytelling traditions through their evocative artworks.

24. Digereedoo

Yirrganydji Aboriginal men play Aboriginal music

This traditional Aboriginal instrument, with its hauntingly beautiful sound, is about as Aussie as it gets.

Created from hollowed-out eucalyptus branches, didgeridoos are known for their deep, resonating tones. They’ve been used for thousands of years in ceremonial rituals and storytelling, and they remain a poignant symbol of Aboriginal culture. Each didgeridoo is a piece of art, often intricately decorated with symbols and patterns representing the artist’s clan and their connection with the land.

You might have heard the didgeridoo’s unique, otherworldly sound in films or music tracks, but nothing quite compares to hearing it played live. It’s this weird and wonderful blend of earthy drones, rhythmic beats, and animal-like calls that seem to echo the vast Australian landscape itself.

25. Bushtucker

Bush tucker refers to the vast array of native foods that have been a part of Aboriginal diets for tens of thousands of years, long before Vegemite made its mark on Australian cuisine.

Think succulent witchetty grubs, tangy finger limes, spicy mountain pepper, and nutritious wattleseeds. Each of these ingredients, found in the wild outback, brings a unique burst of flavour and richness to the table that’s distinctly Australian.

But bush tucker is more than just about flavours; it’s also about the intimate connection to the land that characterises Aboriginal culture. It’s a culinary journey that involves foraging, understanding seasonal changes, and respecting the natural environment.

Today, you can find bush tucker ingredients in modern Australian cuisine, with chefs using these unique flavours to create innovative dishes. Whether you’re adventurous enough to try emu eggs or stick to safer options like macadamia nuts, exploring bush tucker is a must-do for any food lover wanting to understand what Australia is truly famous for!

26. Boomerangs

Aboriginal culture show in Queensland Australia

While we’re on the topic of what Australia is famous for, we can’t miss out on talking about boomerangs. You’ve probably seen one, either as a decorative item or a quirky toy. But did you know it’s much more than that?

Boomerangs are deeply rooted in Aboriginal culture, with traditional boomerangs being used for hunting, music, ceremonial purposes, and even fire-making! They’re not just about flying back to the thrower. In fact, most hunting boomerangs (known as

Food And Wine

27. Australian Wine Regions

Hunter Valley Tulloch Wine Tasting

If you’re pondering “What is Australia known for?”, one answer you’ll often hear is its exceptional wine regions. As someone who’s personally visited and relished these regions, I can vouch for this wholeheartedly.

Take Hunter Valley, for instance. Located in New South Wales, it’s one of Australia’s most celebrated wine regions. There’s something truly magical about the vineyards, the rolling hills, and, of course, the best wine. Hunter Valley is particularly renowned for its Semillon, but the Shiraz is equally as good.

On my trip, I had the pleasure of touring Tulloch Wines. They’ve been in the winemaking game for over 120 years, and their expertise and passion show in every bottle. From the vineyard walk to the personal tastings, the whole experience was perfect.

Meanwhile, in Western Australia, the Margaret River region demands a mention. While it might be smaller in size, it punches well above its weight, producing around 20% of Australia’s premium wines. The region’s diversity, spanning elegant Chardonnays to full-bodied Cabernets, is remarkable.

But remember, appreciating Australian wine isn’t just about the tasting. It’s about strolling through the vineyards, learning about the winemaking process, and savouring cellar door experiences. In essence, it’s the entire journey, from grape to glass, that makes Australia’s wine scene so unique.

28. Tim Tams

While the Graham Cracker holds a special place in the hearts of our American friends, Australia boasts its own beloved biscuit that has taken the snack world by storm – the Tim Tam. Tim Tams takes the spotlight as the nation’s iconic chocolate biscuit!

With their unique flavours and widespread popularity, Tim Tams have become synonymous with Australian snacking culture.

29. Vegemite

Australia is Famous for Vegemite

Vegemite, the infamous Australian spread, is either loved or loathed for its polarizing taste. This dark, salty, and yeasty paste holds immense cultural significance as a quintessential Australian pantry staple.

Whether smeared lightly on toast or used as a secret ingredient in savoury dishes, Vegemite is a true reflection of Australia’s unique culinary identity.

30. Barramundi

Barramundi, Australia’s iconic fish species, holds a special place in the country’s culinary scene. With its firm white flesh and mild flavour, it has become a popular choice for seafood dishes.

From grilled barramundi with lemon butter sauce to barramundi fish tacos with fresh salsa, this prized fish adds a delicious touch to any menu.

31. Avocados

Now, we can’t talk about what Australia is famous for without mentioning our national love affair with avocados. Or should I say, ‘avos’? Yep, in true Aussie style, we’ve given this creamy fruit a nickname!

Avos have practically become a staple in our diets, so much so that, get this – Australia stands as one of the highest consumers of avocados per capita globally. Yes, we really do love our avos!

32. Coffee

Coffee at a cafe in Bondi Cost of Living inn Sydney

Aussies are known for being total coffee snobs, and they wear that title with pride. You’ll find speciality coffee shops and cafes on every corner, serving up top-notch brews crafted with care.

Whether it’s an expertly pulled espresso shot or a velvety latte, Aussies take their coffee seriously and won’t settle for anything less than perfection.

33. Meat Pie

The meat pie holds a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of Australians as a beloved and classic snack.

It has become a tradition, almost like a rite of passage, to enjoy this handheld pastry while immersed in the excitement of a sporting game.

34. Australian BBQ

Kevin doing an Australian BBQ

In Australia, barbecues are more than just a way of cooking; they’re a way of life. Aussies love to fire up the grill and embrace the “Aussie” way of outdoor cooking. From sizzling sausages and juicy steaks to grilled seafood and vibrant veggies, the Australian BBQ offers a mouthwatering array of flavours.

The love for outdoor barbecuing runs deep, especially when it comes to snagging a spot at the communal grills in local parks and beaches, particularly during the summer. I have seen people arrive at a communal barbecue at 6 am to secure their spot, it’s no joke.

Adventure and Outdoor Activities

35. Surfing

Surf Board Hire at Manly Beach

Ah, surfing! What a truly Aussie way to enjoy the vast coastline! You see, Australia’s love affair with surfing runs deep. We’re talking about world-class surf breaks, a laid-back surf culture, and stunning coastal scenery, all wrapped into one. And it’s no surprise that this quintessential Aussie pastime forms a massive part of what Australians are known for.

Looking for popular surf destinations? Let’s kick things off with Byron Bay, a surfer’s paradise. Its Main Beach, The Pass and Wategos are fantastic for beginners, while more advanced surfers can challenge themselves at spots like Tallows and Broken Head. Just make sure you’re prepared for the ‘surfies’ and the soulful, eclectic vibe this town emanates!

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36. The Great Ocean Road

Righto, the Great Ocean Road is the epitome of road trips, an immersive voyage through Australia’s coastal wonders. You may ask, what is Australia famous for? One answer is this glorious stretch of tarmac, hugging the coastline and offering views that’ll leave your jaw on the floorboard.

Sure, you’ve already heard about the Twelve Apostles, those staggering limestone giants dominating the Southern Ocean. But there’s so much more to this journey. Think about Bells Beach, the home of thunderous surf breaks, and the annual Rip Curl Pro Surfing competition. This spot alone can make any wave chaser’s heart skip a beat!

The Great Ocean Road isn’t just a drive, it’s an exploration of Australia’s heart-stirring coastal beauty. So, fire up the engine, roll down the windows, and let the road lead you on a trip to remember.

37. Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest

Enveloping the tropical far north coast of Queensland, the Daintree is a vibrant ecosystem and the oldest tropical rainforest in the world – we’re talking about 180 million years of green goodness!

But the age isn’t the only thing that sets the Daintree apart. It’s a treasure trove of unique Aussie flora and fauna. From the ancient ferns and canopy-dwelling kangaroos to the elusive and endangered Cassowary, it’s a biodiversity hotspot that rivals the Amazon!

You’ll find a smorgasbord of eco-adventures to tickle your explorer spirit here. Fancy a river cruise to spot some saltwater crocs or a guided night walk to witness the forest come alive after dark? The Daintree has got you covered!

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Famous Australian Celebrities

38. Steve Irwin

This iconic Aussie conservationist and television personality, endearingly known as the “Crocodile Hunter,” captured hearts globally and vividly brought Australia’s unique wildlife into our living rooms.

Steve Irwin’s life was tragically cut short in 2006 following a fatal encounter with a stingray whilst filming a documentary. However, his influence is far from extinct. Among his grandest achievements was the establishment of Australia Zoo, an enduring testament to his relentless commitment to conservation.

But, Steve’s legacy extends beyond his lifetime. His passion for wildlife continues to inspire millions, and this spirit has been wholeheartedly embraced by his children, Bindi and Robert Irwin. Both are following in their father’s footsteps, making their own significant contributions to wildlife conservation.

Through his life’s work and the ongoing efforts of his family, Steve Irwin continues to shape Australia’s wildlife conservation initiatives, making his legacy an integral part of what Australia is famous for.

39. Kylie Minogue

Pondering over “What is Australia famous for?”, and you’d be remiss not to include the pop culture sensation, Kylie Minogue. Bursting onto the scene in the 80s as a soap star on “Neighbours”, she quickly pivoted into music and boy, are we glad she did!

Kylie is not just another Aussie singer – she’s a bona fide international superstar, selling over 70 million records worldwide. Her catchy tunes, vivacious performances, and distinctive voice have become synonymous with pop music itself. With hits like “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” “Spinning Around” and more recently “Padam! Padam!”, Kylie helped propel Australian music onto the global stage.

But let’s not forget her acting roots. With a successful stint in movies, she’s a shining testament to Australia’s multifaceted entertainment industry. No matter where she goes or what she does, Kylie Minogue will always be a vital part of Australia’s famous exports.

40. Margot Robbie

Another star who rose to fame after starring in the popular Australian soap opera “Neighbours”, is Margot Robbie. She soon found herself under the international spotlight, particularly for her breakout role in “The Wolf of Wall Street”. Her performance alongside Leonardo DiCaprio grabbed attention and accolades worldwide.

Yet, it was her electrifying portrayal of Tonya Harding in “I, Tonya” that really underscored her acting prowess. From the challenging ice-skating scenes to the complex character study, Robbie brought Tonya to life in a way that was both powerful and poignant. And lets not forget her lead role in Barbie, that was huge!

This Aussie actress embodies the potent combination of talent and tenacity that Australia is known for, making her an icon in her own right.

41. Chris Hemsworth

When it comes to “What is Australia famous for?” in terms of Hollywood, Chris Hemsworth is one of the names that leap to mind.

This Aussie lad, originally from Melbourne, is internationally renowned for his riveting portrayal of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hemsworth’s charisma, coupled with his impressive physical transformation for the role, has etched Thor into the hearts of fans worldwide.

But there’s more to Hemsworth than just his superhero persona. He is also an active ambassador for Australian tourism. You might remember him from the fun and engaging “Visit Australia” campaigns, where he showcased the diverse beauty and adventures that await in Australia, effectively promoting his home country to the world.

And speaking of home, Hemsworth has chosen the beautiful coastal town of Byron Bay as his base. Nestled in New South Wales, Byron Bay is known for its stunning beaches, lush hinterland, and laid-back lifestyle. Just like Hemsworth, it’s a true Aussie gem!

42. Hugh Jackman

I’ve got to tell you, one of my favourite actors that tops the list when we’re talking about “What is Australia known for?” is the ever-so-charismatic Hugh Jackman. This Australian is not just a pretty face – he’s an incredibly versatile actor, a brilliant singer, and a skilled producer.

You’ve probably seen him flexing his muscles and sporting those iconic adamantium claws as Wolverine in the X-Men series. And, let’s be honest, he owned that role like no one else could!

But his acting prowess isn’t limited to the big screen; he’s stolen many a heart on Broadway too. His unforgettable performance in ‘The Boy from Oz’ garnered him a plethora of applause and a fair few awards as well.

What I love about Jackman is his versatility and how he puts his heart and soul into his performances. Be it battling bad guys as Wolverine or wooing audiences with his Broadway performances, he’s a true Aussie legend who never fails to impress. And that’s why he’s high on my list of favourite Aussie icons!

Famous Australian TV Shows

43. Home and Away

What is Australia famous for? Well, when it comes to television, it’s impossible not to mention the iconic soap opera, “Home and Away”. This show isn’t just beloved in Australia, it’s also gained a massive following in the UK, becoming a regular fixture on their TV screens too. With its dramatic plotlines and addictive storytelling, it’s made a significant impact on both Australian and British pop culture and holds a special place in my heart.

Now, the plot unfolds in the fictional coastal town of Summer Bay. But did you know you can actually visit the real-life location? That’s right! Summer Bay isn’t just a figment of some scriptwriter’s imagination. It’s actually Palm Beach, located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This picture-perfect slice of Aussie paradise has golden sands and beautiful surf, mirroring its TV counterpart to a tee.

If you make the trip to Palm Beach, you can see iconic locations from the show, like the Summer Bay Surf Club, Alf’s Bait Shop, and even the famous beach itself. It’s a must-visit spot for any “Home and Away” fan! So, whether you’re a soap opera enthusiast or a lover of stunning coastal settings, Australia’s “Home and Away” and the real-life Summer Bay offer an unforgettable experience.

44. Neighbours

We couldn’t talk about “Home and Away” without mentioning its equally iconic counterpart, “Neighbours”. This long-running Aussie soap opera has enjoyed a firm place in the hearts of viewers globally, not just in Australia. It’s been an especially treasured show in the UK, airing daily alongside folks’ afternoon tea. Ask anyone British “What is Australia Famous for” and the answer would certainly include Neighbours!

For more than three decades, this long-running soap opera has been the launching pad for many of Australia’s biggest stars. From pop princess Kylie Minogue to Hollywood actors like Margot Robbie and Guy Pearce, it’s a show that has been a lunch pad into fame for many iconic Aussie stars!

In 2022, fans were heartbroken when the UK TV network decided not to renew its deal with “Neighbours,” leading to the soap’s star-studded finale. However, in a twist worthy of the show’s dramatic plotlines, it was announced a few months later that “Neighbours” was scheduled for a comeback in August 2023, which ruffled a few feathers of the show’s most famous stars who made a special appearance for this “finale”.

45. Bluey

Now here’s a show that’s close to home, and not just because it’s Australian! “Bluey” has become a family favourite at our house – my daughter can’t get enough of it! This incredibly popular Australian children’s animated TV series has won hearts far beyond our borders, becoming a universal hit with its delightful characters and charming portrayal of Aussie family life.

The show centres around the adventures of Bluey, an imaginative six-year-old Blue Heeler pup, her younger sister Bingo, and their mum and dad. The stories are set in Brisbane, with notable local landmarks often featuring in the background – another fun reason why it’s among the things Australia is famous for!

But, it’s not just Australian kids who are crazy about “Bluey”. This Aussie export has won hearts globally, becoming a beloved show in countries including the UK, the USA and New Zealand.

What else is Australia known for?

46. Holden Cars

Holden Cars Australia

Holden Cars – that’s a brand that genuinely captures the Aussie spirit! Known for their durability and versatility, these homegrown vehicles are an iconic part of Australia’s automotive history. From the classic Kingswood to the beloved Commodore, they’ve carved a special place in Aussie hearts.

Although the brand ceased local manufacturing in 2017, the love for Holdens hasn’t waned. They’re a staple at car shows, with vintage models especially revered. In short, Holden Cars are more than just a ride here in Australia; they’re part of our national identity. So, if you’re wondering what Australia is famous for, you can bet Holden is revving up on that list!

47. Aussie Slang

Ah, the uniqueness of Aussie slang – it’s a language all of its own! If you’ve ever heard phrases like “shrimp on the Barbie,” let me debunk a myth: we Aussies don’t really say that!

Instead, Australians have a vast and colourful catalogue of unique expressions that we sprinkle liberally throughout our daily chats. Some classics include “arvo” for the afternoon, “bikkie” for biscuits, and “cuppa” for a cup of tea or coffee.

And don’t get me started on how many ways we can say “mate” – it can range from a term of endearment to a mild admonishment, depending on the tone and context.

Aussies are masters at shortening words, and it’s almost a national sport. Even the country itself is often known by a shorter nickname such as “Oz” or “Straya”.

Plus, there’s my personal favourite – “too easy!” It’s our laid-back way of saying “No problem” or “You’re welcome.” And if you’re out of luck, you might just hear “Too bad, so sad!” It’s all part of the Aussie spirit of taking things on the chin and moving forward with a smile.

Indeed, Aussies are masters at shortening words – you might say it’s a national pastime. So, as we continue exploring what Australia is famous for, get ready to add some bona fide Aussie slang to your vocabulary!

48. Backpacking Culture

Now, when we talk about what Australia is famous for, we simply can’t overlook its thriving backpacking culture. This sunny country is a magnet for adventurers from around the globe, drawn in by its diverse landscapes, welcoming locals, and an enviable lifestyle that’s all about enjoying the great outdoors.

A big part of this backpacking buzz is down to Australia’s Working Holiday visa program. It’s a neat little arrangement that lets travellers aged 18 to 30 (or 35 for some nationalities) work in Australia while exploring its many wonders. Talk about earning while adventuring!

This visa scheme has led to vibrant backpacker communities popping up all over the country. From beachside hostels in Byron Bay to city-centric digs in Melbourne, these backpacker hubs are buzzing with energy, camaraderie, and endless tales of travel exploits.

So, if you’re ready to strap on a backpack and immerse yourself in the Aussie way of life, Australia’s backpacking culture might be just the ticket. It’s about much more than just seeing the sights – it’s about truly experiencing the Aussie spirit!

49. Being a country and a continent

Is Australia in Asia? Full Explanation!

Alright, let’s delve into a unique facet of Australia that makes it quite distinctive worldwide. Yep, I’m talking about Australia’s dual status as both a country and a continent. Now, that’s a quirky geographical fact you don’t come across every day!

So, what’s the deal here? Australia is not just the world’s smallest continent, but also a country in its own right. And it’s neither in Europe (despite taking part in Eurovision!) nor is Australia part of Asia; it’s part of the Oceania region that includes thousands of islands scattered across the Central and South Pacific Oceans.

Some people also regard Australia as being geographically upside down..but this is not true!

50. Cork Hats

Alright, let’s wrap up this list with a truly iconic Aussie accessory – the cork hat! You might have seen these quirky hats in images depicting Australians, complete with dangling corks strung around the brim. But here’s the inside scoop: it’s actually more of a novelty item than a daily fashion statement.

The cork hat is believed to have originated in the early 20th century to help Aussie bush workers keep pesky flies away. The dangling corks swing and sway as you move, creating a simple yet effective fly deterrent. Clever, right?

But before you pack a cork hat for your Aussie adventure hoping to blend in with the locals, let me stop you right there. Today, you’re more likely to see a cork hat at a tourist shop or at an Australia Day celebration than atop the head of a local on a regular day.

Yet, despite its limited usage in modern times, the cork hat has become an internationally recognized symbol of Australian culture, lending a unique charm to what Australia is famous for. But between you and me, if you really want to fit in, you might be better off grabbing a wide-brimmed Akubra – that’s a hat you’ll see plenty of Aussies sporting!

51. The capital of Sydney…no wait Canberra

ACT Parliament Building in Canberra is a must visit on the Sydney to Canberra drive

Now, if you’ve been nodding along with this list thinking, “Of course, I know all about Australia, Sydney’s the capital, right?” – you’re in for a bit of a surprise. Nope, it isn’t Sydney, despite its iconic opera house and sparkling harbour. The actual capital of Australia is the purpose-built city of Canberra.

A common misconception is that Sydney, being the largest and most globally known city, is the capital. But in a plot twist straight out of a Neighbours episode, when it came time to pick a capital, there was such a fierce rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne that a compromise was reached to create an entirely new city – Canberra, conveniently situated between the two.

Canberra, while not as internationally renowned as Sydney or Melbourne, has its own charm and is steeped in history. This inland city is home to Parliament House, the High Court, and numerous national institutions like the Australian War Memorial and the National Gallery. So, remember, next time you’re quizzed about what Australia is famous for, don’t forget to mention the curious case of its capital city, Canberra!

What is Australia Famous for? Frequently Asked Questions

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