From Sydney’s best brunch spots to how to secure a work visa, consider us your go-to resource for all things Australia.

Welcome! We’re Chloe & Kevin!

Originally from Scotland (Chloe) & England (Kevin), our story began in Maroubra, a beachside town in Sydney. Barbecue on, beer in hand, we reminisced about travels around SouthEast Asia. We’ve been together ever since.

Our philosophy on life is; to find what makes you happy, and do more of it.

For us, that was Australia. We loved everything about it; the golden beaches, the positivity of the people, enhanced social life and you guessed it…the weather. Approximately 8 months of guaranteed sunshine, now tell me that’s not an attractive prospect.

Originally, neither of us arrived in Australia on Permanent Visas. Kevin was on a Temporary Work Visa and I (Chloe) was on Working Holiday Visa. In 2022, we obtained our Permanent Residency visas, and we could finally call Australia “home”. It never escapes our mind how incredibly lucky we are to be in a position to say that.

Moving to Australia permanently was always our dream but it became our mission when we had this little one…

When “we” became a three! Meet Ivy!

An animal lover and explorer of the great outdoors, we couldn’t think of a more perfect place to bring her up.

So, Why? Passport Down Under!

Arriving as a backpacker and ending up as a permanent resident, we want to inspire and guide you through ex-pat life in Australia.

We created Passport Down Under because we want to help people move to Australia, and make that move as stress-free as possible.

We felt that sharing our experience, our perspective, our mistakes and our advice would contribute to making the process of migrating to Australia better for some people; something that was lacking when we immigrated to Australia in 2021.

We wanted to give our fellow ex-pats a resource to turn to when you are awake in the early hours of the morning thinking “How do import my dog to Australia? Or “How do I enrol my children in school in Australia?”

Secondly, we love Australia and want to share our passion.

We want travellers like you to use what we write about and what we photograph, as a guide to carve your own memories and adventure.

To write your own story.

We want to make your travelling experience better, and better in the long run for some of the people and places we visit along the way.

Giving back is really important to us.

What Makes us Different? We’ve been there, and done that!

Passport Down Under has been created by two people who have been through the migration experience.

Not only have we been through the migration experience, but collectively we have held a variety of different visas, each with its own conditions and rules.

We have experienced firsthand the stress, the heartache, the tears, and the endless paperwork required for Permanent Residency. We fully appreciate how overwhelming the whole process can be.

Whilst we are not MARA migration agents, we have real-life experiences with these visas and their processes. (We do not provide legal advice; this website’s information is purely from our experiences and knowledge of Australia).

Secondly, we try to live, breathe and fall in love with every corner of Australia that we explore, rather than simply just getting a snapshot of the best bits. We are about more than simply making our Instagram look glamorous.

Sustainable travel and giving back are both key factors for us. We believe being a conscious traveller will always result in a better travel experience.

Bushfires are unfortunately becoming more common in Australia; it saddens us that so many places, wildlife and life itself are destroyed in these catastrophes. Having been present in Australia at the time of the 2019/20 bushfire crisis, it’s left us wanting to help where we can.

By visiting places badly affected by bushfires, you are helping to rebuild small local communities and businesses. This is tourism at its finest.

We are both conscious of how fortunate we are to be able to travel and live in Australia – and never take for granted that people trust and respect what we write or recommend.

We love bringing the excitement back to moving to Australia.

So, thank you for joining us. We both really appreciate it – and we hope you can find the answers to your questions, whether it’s moving to Australia or finding a place to travel to next. Who knows, maybe your travels will lead you to a permanent move to the land down under!

Whatever it is, we hope you’ll find something here.

Our favourite:


  • Whitehaven Beach, Queensland
  • Turquoise Bay, Western Australia
  • Maroubra Beach, New South Wales
  • Esperance Beach, Western Australia
  • Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Places to stay

  • The Vintage Resort, –Hunter Valley
  • Katoomba, Blue Mountains
  • Stay Three
  • Stay Four
  • Stay Five


  • Hunter Valley, Australia
  • Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Hoi An, Vietnam
  • Whitsundays, Australia
  • Margaret River, Western Australia

Hiking Trails

  • Trail One
  • Trail Two
  • Trail Three
  • Trail Four
  • Trail Five
Australia Favorite Places