New South Wales

Having spent the majority of my Australian journey in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, I’ve developed a deep love of New South Wales, it’s here that I first experienced the Australian way of life on a working holiday visa, settling in the suburb of Maroubra and also where our family decided to settle down after receiving permanent residency.

With its iconic cityscape dominated by the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, New South Wales is packed with landmarks worth of a visit.

Beyond the city, the state is a haven for camping and travelling; showcasing the stunning Blue Mountains, picturesque wine regions such as Hunter Valley and Orange, and world-renowned beaches like Bondi, where golden sands meet the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean.

This is the New South Wales I know: a combination of urban excitement, unparalleled natural beauty, and famous coastal gems makes New South Wales a must-visit destination that truly embodies the essence of Australia.

Highlights of New South Wales

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Incredible Beach Destinations in NSW

NSW’s coastline is a sun-seeker’s dream stretching over 2,000km, right up to the laid-back surf paradise of Byron Bay.

I’m a sucker for the smaller cove beaches, where the sand is as golden as the sunsets and the waves beckon board-riders and bodysurfers. There’s a beach destination for every mood here – from the energetic social scenes to tranquil spots where solitude whispers with the breeze.

And Sydney – who would have thought one of Australia’s busiest cities would be brimming with so many stunning beaches?

NSW Road Trip Ideas

NSW is one of my favourite states for road trips because the options are endless and it’s a prime state for camping.

You can cruise along the East Coast, hopping from iconic surf spots to vibrant coastal towns, or detour inland to discover places like Hunter Valley, the Blue Mountains and Lightning Ridge.

Attractions and Activities in NSW

In NSW, attractions range from Sydney’s iconic Opera House to the untamed beauty of the Blue Mountains, ensuring adventure at every turn. Activities span from surfing the legendary waves at Bondi Beach to wine tasting in the lush Hunter Valley.

Highlights of Sydney

Sydney, the vibrant capital of New South Wales, is a captivating metropolis that effortlessly blends cosmopolitan energy with natural beauty. From the iconic Sydney Opera House gracing the harbour to the sun-kissed shores of Bondi Beach, this bustling city entices visitors with its diverse cultural offerings, stunning landmarks, and a lifestyle that perfectly balances urban sophistication and coastal charm.

NSW Accommodation

Discover quirky lighthouse accommodations, beachfront campgrounds, and Sydney stays to fit any wallet – I’ve got a lineup of NSW accommodation suggestions for you.

Country Magic of NSW

Looking to escape the bustling city vibe and journey further inland? Check out NSW’s rural countryside destinations, where charming farm stays, quaint country towns, and the rolling vineyards of regions like the Hunter Valley offer a peaceful retreat.