6 Best Nude Beaches in Sydney You won’t Believe are Legal!

Looking for the best nude beaches in Sydney?

There’s nothing quite like sunbathing your skin and the water gliding over your body, something that’s never as exhilarating as wearing a bathing suit.

Luckily, Sydney has several nudist-friendly beaches where you can completely strip off, without worrying about any legal consequences. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to six of the best nude beaches in Sydney and offer some tips if it’s your first time. 

6 of The Best Nude Beaches in Sydney

1. Lady Bay Beach, South Head

This short stretch of sand just north of Watsons Bay was one of Australia’s first legal naturist beaches when it was designated as such by the Premier of New South Wales, Neville Wran, in 1976.

It has a reputation as being one for the exhibitionists and a popular gay hangout, although straight nudists are more than welcome here.

Lady Bay Beach is best accessed by ferry from Circular Quay to the Watsons Bay Wharf, from where it’s a one-kilometre-long walk to the sand. Parking is available at Camp Cove at the start of the South Head Heritage Trail, which continues past Lady Bay Beach to the Hornby Lighthouse. 

2. Cobblers Beach, Middle Head

Just a stone’s throw east of Balmoral is this 100-metre-long stretch of sand known as Cobblers Beach, which provides the starting point for the Sydney Skinny.

This annual nude swim takes place at the end of February each year and sees hundreds of people in their birthday suits negotiating a diamond-shaped course (all in the name of charity).

But throughout the year, you’re more than welcome to skinny dip here, with the surrounding rocks and bushland providing plenty of privacy.

Paid parking is available in the Middle Head Carpark, from where a short trail (clothing is mandatory) leads to the beach.

3. Obelisk Beach, Middle Head

On the other side of Middle Head is Obelisk Beach, which is smaller and more tranquil than Cobblers Beach. It offers panoramic views across Watsons Bay and Camp Cove, all the way to Vaucluse in the distance.

Obelisk Beach is accessed down a long set of stairs that connect from Chowder Bay Road, with a clear sign marking the trail. Paid parking is available at the corner of Chowder Bay and Middle Head Road, although it can fill up quickly on weekends. 

4. Werrong Beach, Royal National Park

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the southern end of Royal National Park is this naturist’s paradise.

Werrong Beach is one of the most remote nude beaches in Sydney and can only be accessed along a two-kilometre-long trail. A steep path leads from the Otford Lookout down to the sand, with the spectacular sandstone rock formations and towering cabbage tree palms making it more than worth the effort.

It’s important to be aware that the rips and rocks can make Werrong Beach a challenging place to swim and (like all of the beaches on our list) it’s not patrolled by lifeguards. 

5. Little Jibbon Beach, Royal National Park

At the northern tip of Royal National Park is Little Jibbon Beach, an unofficial nudist spot that tolerates the unclothed. It might only be 50 metres in length, but it’s an undeniably pretty spot and not far from the park’s Aboriginal rock engravings.

Little Jibbon Beach is only recommended if you don’t mind the presence of bushwalkers, as it’s right on the Jibbon Beach Loop Track. Shortly before the headland, a side path descends to the beach where you can enjoy gorgeous views across Port Hacking.

There is limited street parking at nearby Jibbon Beach, from where it’s just a 10-minute’ walk to Little Jibbon Beach. 

6. Little Congwong Beach, La Perouse

Another unofficial nudist beach in Sydney is Little Congwong, a secluded stretch of sand in La Perouse. Surrounded by lush vegetation and framed by rocks, the calm waters here are ideal for swimming.

From the parking lot at Cann Park on Anzac Parade, follow the paved Congwong Walking Trail that connects Congwong Beach (a family favourite) to the welcoming naturist sands of Little Congwong. Aside from offering beautiful views of Bare Island, this nudist beach gets extra points for the ice cream boat that regularly visits.

A Guide to Nude Beaches in Sydney

Why go nude? 

There’s something freeing about revelling in your own skin and shaking off societal stigma around going nude. Many people just love the experience of being in their birthday suit while immersed in nature!

If you’d rather leave a little more to the imagination, take a look at our best secret beaches in Sydney -for when you want your sunbaking to be a little more secluded!

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Nudist Beach Etiquette for First-Timers

Is this the first time visiting a nudist beach? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Know the local rules and regulations. This includes which parts of the beach permit nudity and whether going nude is legal or merely tolerated. 
  • Don’t stare! It’s fine to look but staring is very much frowned upon.
  • Unless space is at an absolute premium, avoid throwing your towel down right next to others.
  • Keep your camera stashed away. Taking photos at a nude beach can easily come across as creepy. 
  • Be liberal with your sunscreen application. Parts of the body that aren’t used to sun exposure will burn easily, so be sure to reapply sunscreen at frequent intervals.
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Nude Beaches in Sydney: FAQs

While swimsuits are required at most beaches in Sydney, there are several stretches of sand where it is legal to go nude. You’ll also find nudist beaches in Sydney where the practice hasn’t been legalised but is very much tolerated. 

The best nude beaches in Sydney tend to be those that are remote, unless you’re not concerned about the occasional (clothed) passerby. Werrong Beach in Royal National Park has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful nude beaches in Sydney while Lady Bay Beach at South Head is perhaps the most iconic.

All of Sydney’s nude beaches are accompanied by stunning views across the Pacific Ocean, so you really are spoiled for choice. Little Congwong Beach looks out towards Bare Island while Little Jibbon Beach enjoys gorgeous views across Port Hacking. For Sydney Harbour views, you can’t go past Lady Bay Beach at South Head.

All of Sydney’s nude beaches welcome sunbathers. But if it’s privacy you’re after, then it might be best to give Little Bay Beach a miss. It’s visible along the ferry route to Watson’s Bay and you can get gawkers along for the ride. Cobblers Beach at Middle Head boasts 100 metres of nudist-friendly sand, so is perfect for stretching out in the sunshine.

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