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Picturesque beaches, an entire outback to explore, and a whole lot of sunshine; it really is no wonder why Australia is a firm favourite with travellers. Travelling to Australia will almost certainly exceed your expectations. The places you visit will be more breathtaking than you imagined. A country that is geared up for good times, whether it’s getting active outdoors in the almost endless sunshine, enjoying the vibe of the nightlife culture or getting swept up by the atmosphere at major sporting events.

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Wedding Couple in Australia
Visa and Immigration

Can you get Married in Australia on a Tourist Visa in 2023?

Are you considering eloping Down Under? Australia is becoming an increasingly popular destination for couples overseas looking to tie the knot in 2023 and beyond. However, you may wonder “Can you get married in Australia on a tourist visa?” Offering couples some of the world’s most exclusive and breathtaking wedding venues; from beachside ceremonies on the…

Oh hi there! I’m Chloe!

Originally from Scotland, United Kingdom, I moved to Australia in 2022 with my partner Kev and our daugter Ivy.

Our philosophy on life is; to find what makes you happy, and do more of it

Passport Down Under was started in 2019, a time in which I was travelling around Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. Now a Permenant Resident of Australia, I share all the best places to stay, play, eat and drink in the beautiful country I now call home. Thinking about moving to Australia? Our journey wasn’t easy but your’s can be! I share all our best information for making the big move down under!

Finding Sponsorship Jobs in Australia
Visa and Immigration

9 Simple Steps to Guarantee Finding Sponsorship Jobs in Australia

Acquiring a visa to enable you to migrate to Australia can be a complicated process, and will be predominantly be determined by your qualifications or skillset, and whether it matches any of the several skill shortages in Australia.    Depending upon the subclass of visa you are applying for, the process of obtaining a visa as…

Tips for Solo Camping In Australia
Life in Australia

10 Tips for Solo camping in Australia: Is it safe in 2023?

Whilst camping may be seen as a bonding activity, camping solo in Australia can be a truly peaceful and inherently special experience. Solo camping trips around Australia are not a new concept, although perhaps perceived as more the domain of you Aussie bloke, increasingly women are venturing out to experience their own independent adventures. What…