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Hi, I’m Chloe, In 2022, I turned my dream into reality and moved from Scotland to Australia with my family. Now, it’s your turn!

Everyone loves the idea of the Aussie life, but figuring out the ‘how’ part? That’s where the real adventure begins.

Having experienced the entire process myself, I understand the HUGE mental toll it can take. My mission is to lighten that burden with straightforward, no-nonsense guides, giving you the clear, practical insider tips that you need.

Chloe and Ivy at the top of Palm Beach Lighthouse

Picturesque beaches, an entire outback to explore, and a whole lot of sunshine; it really is no wonder why Australia is a firm favourite with travellers. 

Travelling to Australia will almost certainly exceed your expectations. 

The places you visit will be more breathtaking than you imagined. A country that is geared up for good times, whether it’s getting active outdoors in the almost endless sunshine, enjoying the vibe of the nightlife culture or getting swept up by the atmosphere at major sporting events

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