Travel Australia

Picturesque beaches, an entire outback to explore, and a whole lot of sunshine; it really is no wonder why Australia is a firm favourite with backpackers. Travelling to Australia will almost certainly exceed your expectations. The places you visit will be more breathtaking than you imagined. A country that is geared up for good times, whether it’s getting active outdoors in the almost endless sunshine, enjoying the vibe of the nightlife culture or getting swept up by the atmosphere at major sporting events.

Trips and Itineraries

An Australian Working Holiday Visa is the ultimate gap year experience. From the majestic Uluru to the white glistening beaches of Whitsundays to the famous Bondi Beach, there are lots of iconic hotspots that are a must-see experience; It is no wonder so many backpackers want to stay here longer than a few weeks.  An Australia Working Holiday Visa is an incredible opportunity to live in, work and explore a new country for 12 months. Our comprehensive guides will guide you through every step of the journey.

Things to D0

Your first big trip backpacking comes with a barrage of backpacking advice, either from doing your own research online or having friends chip in with their two cents. This advice all seems to have one thing in common: they state the obvious – “Stay safe and avoid dark alleyways”, but most fail to mention the everyday backpacker tips that will see you through your trip, until now. Becoming an expert traveller takes time, but our simple advice, tips and guides will make sure you’re off to a great start.  

Backpacker Gear Guides

So, you’ve planned your route and booked your tickets but how can you really be ready when you haven’t even packed? Thinking about what you need to bring on your adventure can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first long-term trip. You have written a list of must-buy items for your trip, but which one is the best? We have put together comprehensive guides on all the backpacker essentials. Let us do the research, so you can get on with planning your adventure.