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25 Impeccable Reasons to Move to Australia Immediately

Glistening beaches, endless sunshine and vibrant wildlife – Australia has it all and is regularly listed as one of the best places to live and work; is it any surprise that thousands of people decide to make the move Down Under each year?    

Your reasons to move to Australia will form the foundation of your dream Down Under; when the visa process throws you another curveball or your family pull on your heartstrings, you will have a list of reasons why moving to Australia is the right choice for you and your family.    

25 Reasons to move to Australia

Nevertheless, relocating, in general, is a massive commitment, even more so when the place you are relocating to is in an entirely different country, halfway across the world. So, if you need some motivation to push through the seemingly never-ending Australian visa process or are looking for more reasons to convince yourself to migrate to Australia, let these 25 reasons to move to Australia persuade you to finally make the move Down Under.   

#1. The Quality of Life 

Two girls on the beach living high quality of life in Australia

Ask any expat about their reasons to move to Australia; I guarantee most, if not all will predominantly answer with “for a better quality of life”. Whilst the term is largely thrown around in the expat community, it combines a mix of factors that create the perfect recipe for a wonderful way of living that can’t be replicated in other counties. 

Australia really excels when it comes to quality of life for many reasons which include; the weather, higher quality food, a better work-life balance, higher wages and shorter working days, as well as more public holidays. People looking to make the move to Australia are usually looking for a slower pace of life that allows them to spend more time with family and friends.  

Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne have consistently been rated as high for the quality of life in the critically acclaimed Mercer Quality of Life Survey. In 2019, Sydney ranked at 11 whilst Melbourne ranked a respectable 17.    

#2. The Delightfully Warm Climate    

A beach in Australia - reasons to move to Australia

Australia is a vast country, which means that the climate will vary by region however, on the whole, the country possesses one of the warmest year-round climates in the world. You can anticipate mild winters and hot summers, which is what makes Australia such an attractive migration destination.  

It is also abundant with sunshine, boasting around an average of 3000 hours of sunshine per year. In comparison, the UK typically gets just approximately 1493 hours of sunshine per year. Australia’s enviable weather means you can plan outdoor activities such as barbecues at the beach without worrying about it being rained off. It is no wonder why Australia’s fantastic weather peaks the list of reasons to move to Australia!    

#3. Idyllic Beaches 

An ocean swimming pool in bronte beach, Australia.

Australia has nearly 12,000 pristine beaches along its 60,000-kilometre (37,282-mile) coastline, some of which are rated the best in the world! If you visited one beach per day, it would take you more than 32 years to see them all, that’s 12,000 reasons to move to Australia!     

Like everywhere, certain areas of Australia will offer better beaches than others. Thousands of people gather to take in Sydney’s beaches, however, there’s more to explore than the big-name beaches of Manly and Bondi. In fact, whilst Bondi Beach is an iconic name, there are far more tranquil, picturesque beaches worthy of your time, some of which are scarcely used!      

Not only are the beaches glistening, but the ocean is clean and warm. Generally speaking, the further north you go the warmer the ocean will be. For example in Sydney, summer sea temperatures average around 24ºC, whereas further north on the beautiful Gold Coast, summer water temperatures can average around 27ºC.    

There are beaches with ocean swimming pools, which are chemical-free and replenished by the ocean waves; a classic Aussie experience. You will find most ocean swimming pools in stunning locations along the New South Wales coastline such as the famous Bondi Icebergs, which provides a refreshing salt-water swim with views to blow most infinity pools out of the water.    

Many people opt to spend a couple of hours every week at the beach be that for surfing, swimming, barbecues, picnics or beach volleyball. One thing is for sure, you are certain to find a beach that is right for you!    

#4. The “No Worries Mate” Attitude

A Great reason to move to Australia is that Australians are very laid back

Since 2016, Australia has repeatedly been voted as one of the Top 12 happiest countries in the world, envied by other countries in terms of carefree living.   

The lifestyle in Australia is far different from most countries; the pace is slower and less hectic, there appears to be a perfect balance of work and leisure time and because of this most people opt to spend their time outdoors living life – rather than working constantly.   Even the houses are designed and built to take advantage of outdoor living and socialising.    

The reputation of Australians being laid back is spot-on, they don’t take themselves too seriously and happiness, family and relaxation is their top priority. The laid back “no worries mate” attitude to life is a revitalising factor ingrained in Australian culture. It doesn’t take long to start adapting the expression yourself!    

The Australian way of life is sure to make you smile, so much so that when people depart Australia, they struggle mentally to separate from the Aussie Culture.  Perhaps this is partly due to Australian culture being more social; where the sunshine makes you proactively seek out opportunities to meet with friends and family.    

#5. A Deeply Multicultural Spirit

Sydney Opera House decorated in multicultural Art highlighting Australia's multicultural nature

Australia is, by nature, deeply multicultural. Thanks to immigration, the continent has been continuously populated over the last two centuries.     

Long gone are the days where we think of Australia as a nation of sandy-haired surfing pros and crocodile hunters. Nowadays, Australia is a flourishing multicultural society, a focal point for artistic flair, food and socialising.  

Foreigners to Australia come from all over the world, in fact as many as one in four people living in Australia have no Australian Heritage.     

The beauty of a multicultural society in Australia is that you will never feel like an outsider, instead, you will be embraced for your diversity. If you have the right attitude and speak good English you should have no difficulty finding excellent job opportunities.     

Australia has a myriad of festivals whether you are interested in live music, theatre or even street food.  Due to immigration, Australia has a vibrant culture that embraces traditions from around the world.   

#6. A Healthy Economy  

Australia has a healthy economy and is a good reason to move to Australia

The Australian economy is an economic success story for the last 50 years, boasting 26 consecutive years of uninterrupted growth. Thanks to diverse and rewarding work culture, there are numerous job opportunities within reach.     

The vast majority of the population are working middle-class. The rate of unemployment is extremely low and, in some cities, unemployment can even reach zero due to the abundance of temporary jobs available to students and young people on visas such as the Working Holiday Visa.  

#7. Exciting Career Prospects 

Sponsorship is one of the main reasons to move to Australia

For many, one of the main reasons to move to Australia will be career prospects.  With a strong economy and a low unemployment rate of 4.9%, Australia is a great place to find a new job.   

Tourism, hospitality and agriculture are some of Australia’s largest industries. This is particularly great for backpackers and those on the Working Holiday Visa scheme, who can find temporary, seasonal or casual work relatively easy.   

Australia has one of the highest minimum wages in the world at $19.84. Australia’s strong employment laws have established a natural ethos of fair pay for hard work and exceptional employment conditions.  

Furthermore, working in Australia will provide you with a generous personal superannuation fund (commonly known as a pension/ retirement fund). Employers are required to pay a percentage into your superannuation fund, on top of your salaries earnings. The current superannuation rate for 2021 is 10%, and this is set to rise by 0.5% annually up to 2026. 

In several sectors, such as construction, and health professions such as nursing, the Australian government are actively recruiting skilled foreign workers to fill the skills shortage within the country.  If you have a skill that matches their Skill Shortage List you may be eligible to apply for a visa that will lead to permanent residency Down Under! There are also companies, particularly in construction who will sponsor you to relocate to Australia. The reassurance of a job waiting for you is surely one of the best and biggest reasons to move to Australia!  

#8. An Outstanding Healthcare System   

Australia has an excellent Healthcare system called Medicare which is a reason to move to Australia

Australia has one of the most efficient and well-established healthcare systems in the world and is one of many great reasons to move to Australia. Medicare provides both free and subsidised treatments to all residents and citizens registered in Australia. There are also reciprocal health agreements between certain countries and Australia, so if you are on a temporary visa, such as the Working Holiday Visa you will be able to access some of the benefits of Medicare.   

For eligible patients Medicare in Australia covers:   

  • Free or subsidised treatment from health professionals such as doctors, optometrists, specialists and in specific situations other health practitioners.  
  • Free treatment in a public hospital (inclusive of your stay in the hospital).    
  • For private patients (either in a private or public hospital) 75% of the Medicare fee for procedures and services.     

    Private healthcare is also widely available and is extremely cost-effective which will give you access to some of the best healthcare in the world. Some employers offer private healthcare in Australia to their employees as part of their contract.   

    Both private and public healthcare systems can be used by expats and it is easy to grasp what is available publically and what isn’t.

    As well as Medicare, there is also a separate scheme funded by the government called the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, which considerably subsidises a range of prescription medications to citizens and residents of Australia.   

#9. High-Quality Education System 

Education in Australia is an important factor when deciding your reasons why to move to Australia

Whether you are contemplating moving to Australia with children or would like to continue your own education, there is a world-class education system on offer. Combined with eye-catching beaches and a world-renowned lifestyle, this makes Australia the fourth most sought-after destination for international students.  

Both Sydney and Melbourne universities routinely rank highly in the top 100 universities in the world, delivering a high first-rate education and attracting worldwide attention. Whilst education for expats without permanent residency or Australian Citizenship can be expensive, there are vast opportunities for Scholarships to some Australian universities.  

Both primary and secondary schools for children are generally a mixture of public and private, with parents able to choose what situation suits best. Some private schools in Australia are very reasonably priced and offer a more diverse range of opportunities than those that may not be on offer at a public school.  Notably, whether you choose a public school or opt for private education, there is an encouraging emphasis on utilising the great outdoors.  

#10. No Language Barriers    

For many English speaking expats, the familiarity of language and culture are great reasons to move to Australia. Sure, Australians has their quirky slang, but most of them speak English.  

The absence of any language barrier will help you settle more quickly into life Down Under. It will also be of great comfort knowing that you will be able to communicate freely with the locals, converse with new friends and gain employment without the added stress of learning a new language! 

#11. Awe-inspiring Scenery 

The inspiring scenery of Australia are great reasons to move to Australia

There is a wealth of postcard-worthy scenery to explore in Australia that caters for all tastes. Whether you are after the rugged bushland of the outback, dramatic mountain ranges or dazzling coastal views, you’ll want to spend every ounce of your free time exploring the great outdoors. 

Due to the sheer size of Australia and the varying climates, it creates a perfect environment for astonishing and exclusive national parks, which creates stunning backdrops for cities.   

Home to the great red centre that is Uluru (Ayer’s Rock), and not to mention the Great Barrier Reef which is the world’s largest coral reef! The distances between the spectacular sights of Australia can be vast, but you will be overwhelmed with choice and it will be so very worth it!   

It is impossible not to notice the extraordinary natural beauty that lies within Australia, making it one of our leading reasons to move to Australia. 

#12. The Great Outdoors 

The great outdoors is a prefect reason to move to australia

There is something so incredibly appealing about a life lived in the outdoors of Australia, where most Australians spend much of their leisure time, utilising the warm months, longer days and abundance of sunshine on offer. Popular activities include bushwalking, camping and surfing. 

There are also over 500 National Parks to be explored, with the most notable being that of The Royal National Park south of Sydney and The Grampians in Victoria, Australia. These are national heritage sites protected by Australia, so they will remain beautiful to explore for generations to come. A personal favourite is that of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales which is perfect for long walks and hiking all year round. The Blue Mountains is just one of many Australian Landmarks to be explored.    

The brilliant climate conditions lend themselves to many great outdoor activities to keep fit and healthy. You will commonly find gym classes and personal training sessions utilising outdoor spaces such as beaches and parks. 

What’s more, the love of the outdoors is demonstrated by the absence of litter in most places. Outdoor environments are notably well cared for.  Australia also benefits from fairly low air pollution compared with other countries.    

#13. A Great Excuse for Camping 

Camping tent on the beach in Australia

If you love camping, you’re going to want to add this as one of your topmost reasons to move to Australia.  

Australians by nature are outdoor lovers and even more so when it comes to camping! Australian’s invest heavily into their camping gear; be that campervans, fishing gear or an esky to keep your beer cool.  

Every public holiday is an excuse to pack up and escape for the weekend either to a tranquil beach or into the outback for a truly unique Aussie experience. If you have never tried camping, you definitely will be up for giving it a go when you see what Australia has on offer!  

#14. Barbecues are a Right 

Barbecuses are a great reason to move to Australia

The barbecue culture is prominent in Australia. What may come as a surprise to many who move to Australia is that the local councils pay for the upkeep of public barbecue areas, which are well looked after, clean, easy to operate and don’t cost anything to use! This makes barbecue areas a popular choice for birthday celebrations, but to be honest, you don’t need an excuse to have one!  

As the barbecue areas are communal facilities, it’s a great way to get to know other families in the area whilst you’re cooking. You’ll find yourself socializing with other groups and before you know it 4 or 5 small barbecues turn into one great big barbecue. It’s an incredibly social culture that will become a way of life. 

Australians will just about cook anything on a barbecue. Just don’t go around saying “Throw another shrimp on the barbie, mate!” because no one will laugh and you might find yourself tossed on it instead. Contrary to popular belief, no one in Australia says that, ever!   

#15. Enjoy a Summer Christmas  

A giant Christmas Tree in Sydney CBD

Due to Australia being located in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are opposite to that of the UK. The winter period is July to August and the Australian summer starts in December and runs through to February, which usually means that Christmas day is a scorcher! Whilst the concept is too much to contemplate for some, it boasts so many advantages!   

The beauty of a summer Christmas is that you can spend it anywhere you want; no need to feel forced into staying at home because the weather might get you snowed in.  Instead, many people opt to rent a beach house for a week or two, it is the summer holidays after all! Schools will be shut and if you are in luck, a lot of workplaces close for one or two weeks over the Christmas and New Year period.    

You’ll be able to go on an adventure, rather than being stuck inside playing monotonous board games or watching tedious Christmas films for the millionth time. Envision wandering the Blue Mountains in Sydney or taking a drive through Great Ocean Road on Christmas day, a truly unique experience!    

Whilst you could opt for a traditional Christmas turkey dinner, the excitement of being in Australia means you can sit in the glorious sunshine eating barbecued prawns, which is far tastier! The seafood in Australia is particularly fresh, making it a popular choice for Christmas dinner.  

Yes, the “winter wonderland” vibe is pretty much non-existent however, you get used to it quickly. Instead of being forced inside with relatives you don’t get on with, you can escape them by going outdoors and having some fun in the swimming pool. Instead of kids being trapped inside you can send them outside to play, leaving you in a peaceful abyss.    

It is rather amusing to think about the total contradiction of Christmas in an Australian summer, it makes no sense whatsoever! Cities are decorated with Christmas trees, people put fake snow on their windows and songs about snowmen are sung at local events such as “carols on the beach”.    

It is the most comical but somewhat exciting of reasons to move to Australia, for sure!    

#16. The Coffee

Being a coffee lover is a great reason to move to Australia

If you are a coffee lover, then Australia is one of the best countries in the world to migrate to.    

Birthplace of the espresso beverage; the flat white, Australia boasts a vibrant coffee culture that comprises an appreciation for independent artisan coffee. You will find numerous artisan coffee shops in different cities, but it is especially good in Melbourne!    

Interestingly, you won’t find too many Starbucks stores in Australia, that’s because Starbucks had to close down 75% of its Australian branches in 2008, due to competition from local, independent coffee shops. Australian’s are coffee snobs, they like good quality coffee and the barista experience when they enter a coffee shop, something rather lacking in Starbucks.    

#17. Australian Cuisine 

Breakfast bowl in Australian cafe with avocado, mushrooms and a poached egg

As a nation with multicultural diversity built on influxes of immigration, Australia boast an exciting cosmopolitan food scene with everything from Thai and Japanese to Mediterranean cuisine, all being made with fresh, predominantly local produce. Those with specialised food requirements will find your needs are well catered for, with most restaurants and cafes offering gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.  Australia is home to several Michelin star restaurants, unique independent restaurants, and fast-food chains.  

Due to much of Australia being located around the coast, the quality of seafood is phenomenal, you will find dishes such as oysters on the rocks at the centrepiece of many restaurant menus.  The fruit and veg are normally grown very locally, even if you buy from a supermarket. The vegetables are some of the biggest and most colourful I have ever seen. Smashed avo (avocado) is a favourite in Australia and you’ll be hard-pushed to find a breakfast bar that does not serve it.   

Not only does Australia produce excellent seafood, but they also produce high-quality beef and lamb, or if you’re feeling more adventurous you can find kangaroo and emu meat at the supermarket. 

Moving to Australia will provide you with an array of iconic foods to try; lamingtons (often referred to as Australia’s national cake), chicken parmigiana, Anzac biscuits and Vegemite, to name a few.   Be sure to grab yourself a much loved Tim-Tam, which is a delicious chocolate biscuit that is best enjoyed when you bite off a corner at the top and bottom, then use it as a straw to drink your coffee or warm milk, you’ll thank us later!  

The quality of food in Australia is excellent, so if you’re a serious foodie then this will no doubt make it into your reasons to move to Australia. Whilst the dining scene is generally relaxed, you’ll find very high-end food in every city. The opportunity for Al Fresco dining with friends is almost always doable due to the marvellous weather conditions.

#18. …and the Wine  

Being a wine lover is a great reason to move to Australia

With a variety of climates all over Australia, there are many regions with perfect conditions for the creation of vineyards.  

Wine is produced in every state in Australia, with more than 60 designated wine regions! The most famous wine regions are predominantly in the southern, cooler parts of Australia. Australia is the world’s fourth-largest exporter of wine, producing approximately 750 million litres per year.   

Penfolds Grange, Australia’s most famous wine and has won over 50 gold medals. On the other end of the spectrum, Australia is the birthplace of “goon”, cheap wine that is sold within boxed bags, rather than bottles, and a favourite amongst backpackers!  

Many of these vineyards are within driving distance of major cities, with many people opting to spend the weekend tasting the produce, some are even so beautiful they make ideal wedding venue locations.   

#19.Sporting Greatness 

There is a big sport culture which is a good reason to move to Australia

Australia’s passion for sports is infectious, so if you’re mad about sport this will definitely be making it into your top reasons to move to Australia. Their participation rates are particularly high when compared to other countries, and you only have to look at their achievement at the Olympic Games to see this. The most popular sports include cricket, Australian Rules Football (AFL) and Rugby, whilst football is becoming ever more popular. 

The Olympic Games, which have previously been held in Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000, are being held in Brisbane in 2032! A great reason to move to Australia now, so you’ll be fully submerged in Aussie life by the time the games begin.

One of the greatest sporting events of the year is the Melbourne Cup; a famous annual horse race that is so important it’s a public holiday in Melbourne. It’s an opportunity to get properly dressed up and go to your favourite bar to watch the event. It’s a massive day for the whole of Australia, not just Melbourne. 

If you are interested in playing sports, there are plenty of teams in Australia to join, for both kids and adults.  You won’t have to travel far to find your nearest swimming pool or tennis court. Swimming competitions for school-age children are incredibly popular in Australia which becomes a real family affair in the community. With so many beautiful beaches, there are endless options for keen surfers or water sport enthusiasts.  

#20. Safety and Security 

Possibly the most important reasons to move to Australia are safety and security. Ranked 16th out of 163 in the Global Peace Index 2021 rankings, Australia is one of the safest countries in the world to emigrate to, even when compared to other first-world countries such as the United Kingdom, which ranks 33rd.  

Crime rates are generally low, as is the risk of terrorism.  

The most common dangers in Australia are more naturally occurring and related to hazards of the natural environment and dangerous animals.  

#21. Bringing up Children 

One of the main reasons to move to Australia is Children

Naturally, if you are travelling to Australia with children, one of your central reasons to move to Australia will focus upon the children. Due to Australia’s diverse and multicultural society, it really is the perfect place to raise children. 

Firstly, Australia is bursting with outdoor activities and entertainment complexes and that will ensure your children are never bored.  There is also an abundance of museums and art galleries for rainy days.  

The parks and playgrounds are really well equipped for children that blow other countries out of the water. Playgrounds are generally brightly coloured, have lots of interactive toys, sandpits and climbing frames. There is a competition run by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, which acknowledges the work of landscape architects who have designed amazing public play spaces. 

#22. Bring your pets! 

Golden Retriever swimming in a pool in Australia at a house

Pets are part of the family and so it is completely rational that your reasons to move to Australia might be severely impacted on whether or not you can take your beloved four-legged friend.  Australia is a wonderful country for dogs, particularly in Sydney where there are many dog-friendly beaches to enjoy.

Even though Australia has strict Quarantine laws in place to protect its fragile ecosystem, it is entirely possible to bring your pet to Australia. Government operates a mandatory quarantine period of 10 days for all pets travelling to Australia. 

The preparation for importing a dog to Australia, or even a cat is a lengthy process, and so if you are thinking about this, the sooner you start the better.  It is vital that you have all the key documentation prior to moving your pet to Australia, otherwise, your pet will be refused entry.  

#23. Migration Pathway to Citizenship 

Migration to Australia has been active for generations. Australia’s migration system is fundamentally a points-based system, based on meeting Australia’s skill shortage. If your occupation is in demand you could be eligible for a move Down Under.  

Australia also offers partner visa option’s to people who are married to Australian permanent residents or citizens, and people who are in de-facto relationships. In 2021, the Australian government increased their quota for partner visas, making it easier for couples to emigrate together.  

There are a plethora of migration agents available to help, just make sure they are registered with MARA, the migration Agents Registration Authority.  

Whilst initially you will be issued a permanent residency visa, all permanent residents are eligible to become citizens in Australia, as long as they satisfy certain criteria. If however a baby is born to two permanent residents, then the baby is automatically entitled to Citizenship, even if the parents are not eligible to do so! 

When you become a citizen of Australia you will be entitled to an Australian Passport. Australia is named as the 9th most powerful passport to hold in the world, according to the Henley Passport Index. Furthermore, dual citizenship is permitted in Australia so you may not have to give up your current nationality.  

**Please note, passportdownunder.com does not provide immigration advice or assistance. This blog post has been created for information purposes only. ** 

#24. The Real Cost of living in Australia 

Whilst living in cities such as Sydney can be undeniably expensive, the salaries are also comparatively high. Although the cost of living may seem high, so is the standard of living and ultimately many expats feel that it is worth paying more to live in Australia.  

When you move to Australia you are not only changing your own future, but also the future for your children and your grandchildren who will benefit from growing up in a contemporary society surrounded by the beauty of nature and glorious sunshine.

#25. A Lifetime of Travel Oppertunities

There are vast travel opportunities within Australia

If you have a passion for travelling, it is a great reason to move to Australia. Due to the different climates within Australia, the distinctive wildlife and multicultural society, landing in a different state in Australia can feel like landing in a completely different country. A move to Australia will provide you with a lifetime of travel opportunities! 

Not only is Australia a great place to travel domestically, but you are also close to some great international locations; places such as New Zealand, Bali, China and many more are only a short plane ride away.

Undoubtedly, you are further away from Europe, however, there are a variety of exciting new places right on your doorstep to explore. If you are thinking about moving to Australia from the UK it may seem far away, however, flights on average take 23 hours to reach Australia, depending upon which state you are arriving in. Also, apps such as Facetime and Skype make it so much easier to stay in contact with loved ones. 

There are great expat communities down under, which can help relieve episodes of homesickness. Even home comforts such as British pubs, and certain foods and snacks are widely available. If you do feel really homesick, call your loved one from back home who will remind you of the miserable British weather you have left behind for a life in the sun Down Under.

Final Thoughts

There are many great reasons to move to Australia, but these are undoubtedly our favourites. Whether you are immigrating for a work opportunity or are moving Down Under to create a more prosperous future for your children, Australia boats a fantastic opportunity not to be missed. Whatever your reason, we hope these 25 reasons to move to Australia gave given you the inspiration to start your journey Down Under.

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