How Long Flight to Australia From UK

How Long is a Flight to Australia from the UK?

Are you planning a trip to Australia and wondering “How Long is a Flight to Australia from the UK?”.

I’ve got you covered! Having migrated from the UK to Australia a few years back, and returning to the UK on multiple occasions, I’ve done my fair share of this lengthy hop – exploring various routes and stopovers such as Kuala Lumpur and Dubai along the way. I’d like to think of myself as somewhat of an expert on flying to Australia from the UK.

Sure, the flight duration might make you think twice about packing your bags and jetting off to the land Down Under. But fear not, I’m here to put your worries at ease.

This guide will give you all the insights you need – from flight times and travel routes to tips for staying comfortable on your journey. Buckle up as we venture into the world of long-haul flights from the UK to Australia!

How Long Flight to Australia From UK

How Long is a Flight to Australia from the UK?

The first thing you should know is that a flight to Australia from the UK is quite a journey – but boy, is it worth it!

Australia is approximately 15,000 kilometres away from the UK. This vast distance translates to a considerable amount of time spent up in the air. 

✈️ On average, you’re looking at a flight time that falls somewhere between 21 to 25 hours. But remember, this is just the flying part – layovers are an entirely different matter!

Now, as you can probably guess, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of scenario. Several factors can influence how long your flight from the UK to Australia might be. Weather conditions play a significant role as does the type of aircraft you’re flying in – newer models tend to be quicker.

Another vital factor is the route your plane will take. The time it takes to fly from London to Sydney may not be the same as from Manchester to Perth.

For example, a direct flight from London to Perth offered by Qantas, known as the ‘Kangaroo Route,’ takes about 17 hours and 20 minutes and is currently the fastest way to fly from the UK to Australia. On the other hand, a journey from London to Sydney, with a stopover in Dubai, takes around 22 hours, give, or take.

Interestingly, it’s often the case that flights to Australia from the UK with layovers are much cheaper than direct flights. The longer the layover, and particularly with multiple stops, the cheaper the journey generally is. These savings can be substantial, so if you’re not pressed for time, it could be worth considering!

So, while the question “How long is the flight to Australia from the UK?” seems straightforward, the answer isn’t. Factors such as weather conditions, type of aircraft, and specific departure and airport you are flying into can considerably affect the duration.

But on average, considering all these factors, expect your flight time to be somewhere between 21 to 25 hours.

Can you fly directly from the UK to Australia?

Can You fly directly from the UK to Australia?

Fancy swapping the English rain for the sunny beaches of Perth in a single hop? Well, you’re in luck! Qantas, Australia’s flagship carrier, offers a direct flight from London to Perth, a journey that will have you soaking up that Aussie sunshine in just 17 hours and 20 minutes. Talk about a game-changer!

Here are some key points to consider about this direct flight. Firstly, it’s only available from London, so you’ll need to reach London to hop on this direct flight.

Secondly, as the only airline offering this direct service, Qantas operates these flights several times a week, not daily. This limited frequency means you’ll need to align your travel plans with their flight schedule. Visit Skyscanner to find available flights!

And the price tag for this convenient journey? Well, as with all good things, it comes at a cost. You can expect an economy ticket to set you back anywhere between £1,200 to £1,500. Quite a bit steeper than the flights with a stop or two, but hey, convenience has its price!

✈️ Use Skyscanner to find the cheapest possible prices for flights to Australia!

Choosing a direct flight could save you the headache of navigating through multiple airports and the stress of potentially missed connections.

On the flip side, remember to think about comfort. A long, non-stop flight can be taxing on the body. Hydrate, stretch, and move around to avoid jet lag and other travel-related health risks.

So yes, you can indeed travel directly on a flight from the UK to Australia! But ensure you weigh the benefits against the costs, both financial and physical.

UK to Australia Flight options: Common Travel Routes and Stopovers

When it comes to embarking on a flight to Australia from the UK, London Heathrow is my go-to starting point as it is the most convenient to fly out from – and gives the best layover options. For a complete list of Layover options visit Skyscanner – they will give you the best possible route, for the best possible price!

London Heathrow > Kuala Lumpur > Sydney

First off, consider the London Heathrow to Sydney route with a layover in Kuala Lumpur. Typically, the journey spans about 21 hours, including the stopover. With tickets averaging £600 – £800, it’s one of the most cost-effective options.

And let’s not forget the charm of Kuala Lumpur. During your stopover, don’t miss the chance to witness the stunning Petronas Towers or visit the vibrant streets of Jalan Alor, known for its street food. Malaysia Airlines, who have always provided me with fantastic service, operate this route.

London Heathrow > Dubai > Sydney

(Best flight route for travelling to Australia from the UK with kids!)

Next, let’s talk about my go-to route for travelling from the UK to Australia with kids – London Heathrow to Sydney via Dubai. This journey, which takes around 22 hours, costs between £800 – £1,000 if you use Skyscanner.

And when in Dubai, why not take a quick desert safari or marinate in the luxury of the Dubai Mall during your layover?

You’ll be in good hands with Emirates, an airline that prides itself on world-class service and I can personally vouch that their service is arguably the best when flying solo with a child – what other airline would repeatedly check on you during the flight to ask if you needed to go to the bathroom whilst they looked after your child? Their attention to detail was outstanding. 

London Heathrow > Singapore > Perth

If an Eastern escapade tickles your fancy, consider the route from London Heathrow to Perth, stopping over in Singapore. This flight typically takes about 20 hours, costing between £700 – £900 if you use Skyscanner to find the cheapest price possible.

While there, stretch your legs by exploring Gardens by the Bay or indulge in the culinary delights at Lau Pa Sat Hawker Centre. Singapore Airlines, renowned for its excellent customer service, operates this route.

London Heathrow > Ho Chi Minh City > Sydney

Finally, for those seeking a less-trodden path, the London Heathrow to Sydney route via Ho Chi Minh City is for you. The journey spans around 23 hours, with tickets ranging from £700 – £900.

If you have enough time during your layover, explore the War Remnants Museum or the lively Ben Thanh Market. This unique route is serviced by Vietnam Airlines.

UK to Australia Flight Prices

Looking over the flight options, it’s clear as day that your stopover city and total journey time are going to be the real game-changers when it comes to price.

As I’ve been harping on about throughout this guide, Skyscanner is your golden ticket to snagging those budget-friendly flights. Got some flexibility with your dates? Brilliant! That’s your secret weapon for scoring flights at a fraction of the standard cost.

Now, flight prices can swing anywhere between £800 and a whopping £3000 for a round trip. But with the right combo of dates and a savvy stopover choice, you could be jetting off to Oz without emptying your bank account. Patience, persistence, and a bit of smart searching on Skyscanner are all it takes.

Navigating Australian Airports Upon Arrival


Welcome home sign at Sydney Airport

Touching down in Australia after a long-haul flight can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. To set you up for a smooth landing, here’s a brief guide on navigating Australia’s main airports and breezing through customs and immigration:

Australia’s Main Airports

  1. Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD): Australia’s busiest airport, featuring a multitude of amenities such as restaurants, shops, and free WiFi.
  2. Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (MEL): Another bustling hub with similar amenities and a SkyBus service connecting the airport to the city centre.
  3. Brisbane Airport (BNE): A modern and well-equipped airport offering various services and a convenient Airtrain service to the city.
  4. Perth Airport (PER): A key gateway to exploring Western Australia, it boasts facilities like lounges, shops, and transportation services.

Flying from the UK to Australia: Ensuring a Smooth Customs and Immigration Process

To ensure a hassle-free process:

  1. Complete Your Declaration Card: Fill out your incoming passenger card while still on the flight, ensuring all information is accurate to avoid penalties. Flying to Australia from the UK with a child – they need their own declaration card – even if they are a baby, I learnt this the hard way!
  2. Know the Rules: Be familiar with Australia’s strict biosecurity laws. Avoid bringing food or plant materials into the country to dodge hefty fines or possible deportation.
  3. Be Cooperative: Follow all instructions given by customs officers and ask for clarification if needed.

Airport Amenities and Services

Each airport comes equipped with a range of amenities like dining options, duty-free shops, and free WiFi. Look out for information desks for assistance and keep an eye on transportation services like trains, buses, taxis, and rideshare options to get you to your final destination.

How Long Flight to Australia from UK: Frequently Asked Questions

Lets answer some frequently asked questions related to “How long flight to Australia from UK?”

Before you go…

So now you know how long is a flight to Australia from the UK, but crafting the perfect UK to Australia flight itinerary is just the beginning of your journey down under. With your route sorted, it’s time to dig deeper into making the most of your Australian adventure.

Contemplating moving from the UK to Australia? Take a look at some of the key differences between the two countries. Embarking on a working holiday visa? Don’t miss this comprehensive guide packed with all the tips and tricks you’ll need. Already dreaming of that Sydney sunrise? Check out these fantastic hotels boasting incredible balcony views. And for those of you keen to explore house-sitting options, our in-depth guide offers the lowdown on snagging a free place to stay!

Remember, the key to a successful trip lies in thorough preparation and an open mind. So, get planning, stay flexible, and your Australian adventure will be unforgettable. 

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