Is Walmart in Australia?

Is Walmart in Australia? Everything You Must Know

Ever found yourself strolling through the aisles of an Aussie shopping centre and wondered, “Is Walmart in Australia?”

Trust me, I’ve been there! Being familiar with the big, blue Walmart signs and their never-ending shelves stocked with, well, just about everything, I had this desire to know if they’d made their way Down Under.

Could I possibly find a Walmart in the bustling streets of Sydney or the serene lanes of Adelaide?

Honestly, the thought of grabbing a Tim Tam right next to a classic Walmart teddy bear? That’s an interesting mashup, right? Luckily, I have lived in Australia for several years now – so I know exactly whether there is Walmart in Australia or not.

The fusion of two iconic cultures: the laid-back Aussie vibe meeting the colossal American retail experience. Could you imagine?

Well, you don’t have to because in the article I have detailed whether you can find Walmart in Australia or not, some alternative shopping experiences and an explanation of the ‘whys’ and ‘whats’ of Walmart’s stance on Australian shores.

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Is Walmart in Australia? 

Walmart in Australia: Checkouts at a Walmart

🛒 Unfortunately, no you will not find Walmart in Australia.

Despite having a stronghold in around 20 countries, they haven’t ventured Down Under, largely owing to the robust competition from local retailers who have firmly cemented their place in the Aussie market.

And it’s not just the fierce competition that’s holding them back. Walmart has faced its share of scrutiny over the years, with notable concerns regarding its employee pay structures and business practices making headlines.

However, just because they don’t have physical stores here, doesn’t mean you can’t possibly have Walmart goodies delivered to your doorstep in Australia.

Intrigued? Later we delve deeper to explore the potential avenues and alternatives that might just bring a slice of Walmart to your Aussie abode.

Will Walmart Ever Come To Australia?

Sadly, it seems Walmart opening its doors in Australia isn’t on the horizon anytime soon.

The company has been grappling with a slew of criticisms, and until these are adequately addressed, the prospect of any new stores in Australia remains unlikely.

In the past, Walmart has teased the idea of entering the Australian market. A notable instance was back in 2018, when there was talk about the possibility of Walmart buying the renowned Australian chain, Kmart. Yet, despite the rumours, nothing concrete materialised.

Given the stronghold of local retailers in Australia, it seems Walmart might find this territory too tough to crack, at least for the foreseeable future.

What Is The Australian Equivalent Of Walmart?

Whilst there may not be a Walmart in Australia, there are several stores below that can be considered it’s equivalent, offering a similar variety and shopping experience:

Stores with Large Grocery Shopping Experiences

When you’re hunting for a Walmart equivalent in Australia, Big W, Kmart, Cosco and Target are some of the stores that offer an experience similar to Walmart.

In comparing aesthetics and branding, Big W might remind you the most of Walmart. There’s a striking resemblance even down to the style of their price tags.

Target, on the other hand, feels a notch more sophisticated, which resonates with sentiments about its American counterpart.

Interestingly, none of these stores combine their vast range of merchandise with groceries in the way that Walmart does.

Alternative Grocery Stores in Australia

While there might not be a Walmart to pop into for your groceries in Australia, there are a few supermarkets that dominate the aisles.

Coles and Woolworths are undoubtedly the giants, with most Aussies living within a stone’s throw of one or the other.

While Coles and Woolworths are big players, IGA Foodstores have made a mark in local communities with their close-knit vibe.

And Aldi? Well, it’s quickly gaining fans with its budget-friendly deals and cool middle-isle product finds.

These giants dominate the grocery landscape, offering Aussies a blend of choice, convenience, and competitive prices. This domination is one of the main reasons why Walmart is not yet in Australia.

Comparison Between Walmart and Australian Stores

Grocery StoreStatus in AustraliaProduct AssortmentShop SizeObservations
WalmartNot FoundExtensive product varietySpaciousCurrently not established in Australia due to existing market rivalry and business environment
KmartAvailableBasics, food staples, fashion, children’s toys, stationerySpaciousProvides a diversified shopping experience with a mix of grocery and non-grocery items
TargetAvailableBasics, food staples, fashion, children’s toys, stationerySpaciousPresents an expansive array of options for both grocery and general shopping
CostcoAvailableBulk purchases, grocery itemsSpaciousKnown for its vast grocery shopping experience with bulk items
Big WAvailableBasics, food staples, fashion, children’s toys, stationarySpaciousRenowned for its expansive and diverse shopping setup
WoolworthsAvailableMainly food shopping, with beauty and household productsVaryingA well-rooted and popular supermarket network in Australia
ColesAvailableMainly food shopping, with beauty and household productsVaryingA prominent and established supermarket network in Australia
AldiAvailableBudget-friendly groceriesVaryingA discount supermarket chain offering a more focused product lineup

Does Walmart Deliver to Australia?

Does Walmart Deliver to Australia? Laptop with Walmart on Screen.

🛍 No, Walmart does not directly ship to Australia.

However, if you’re keen on purchasing items from Walmart, there are third-party package forwarding services such as UPS, Planet Express, FedEx or DHL that can help get your Walmart goodies to Australian shores.

Just remember to factor in the shipping and handling costs, as they can add up!

How to Get Walmart Orders Shipped to Australia

Wondering how to get those Walmart goodies from the U.S. to Australia? Below is a 4-step guide to help you:

1. Select a Trustworthy Package-Forwarding Service

First things first, decide on a package-forwarding company. Popular and reliable options include FedEx, DHL, Planet Express, UPS, and USPS. The cost varies, ranging from $15 to over $100 AUD based on the package’s size and weight.

❗️ Keep in mind, that sometimes the shipping costs can outweigh the savings on the product, so always calculate before you commit.

2. Direct Your Walmart Order to the Forwarder’s U.S. Address

Once you’ve registered with a package-forwarding company, they’ll provide you with a U.S. address. When shopping on, use this address as the delivery location. They’ll handle it from there!

3. Track Your Package

When your order ships, you’ll be given a tracking number. It lets both you and the forwarding company keep tabs on your package’s journey, ensuring no mix-ups en route to Australia.

4. Collect Your Package in Australia

Once your order reaches Australia, it’s either delivered straight to your door or a nearby local courier point, such as an Australia Post store.

If it’s the former, ensure someone’s there to sign and receive it. If delivery to your home isn’t feasible, just swing by the local pickup point to grab your package.

🥇 Planet Express is a noteworthy mention among package-forwarders. They’re based in tax-free Oregon, offer package consolidation (meaning they can bundle multiple orders into one shipment), provide photos of your package upon arrival and even have super affordable storage rates in case you’re not ready for immediate forwarding.

Insights on Walmart’s Impact

Walmart, as one of the world’s largest retail corporations, has had its fair share of impact – both positive and negative. Here’s a deep dive into some of the criticisms this retail giant has faced over the years.

What Have Walmart Faced Criticism For?

Walmart, as one of the world’s retail behemoths, hasn’t been without its share of controversies. Many of the criticisms directed towards the company centre around their treatment of employees.

While Walmart boasts remarkable profit margins, their starting wages are notoriously low at $14 USD, which has risen in recent years.

This, although above the federal minimum wage, pushes several full-time Walmart employees to lean on support like food stamps, Medicare, and public housing.

Walmart has also faced backlash for their workplace conditions, where reports have surfaced about employees not getting sufficient breaks and being compelled into overtime.

Health benefits provided to the employees have also been a point of contention, as many found them to be less than satisfactory.

These employment practices, coupled with other criticisms on various fronts, highlight the complexities and challenges large corporations like Walmart face in entering the Australian market.

Why Isn’t There a Walmart in Australia?

Walmart Australia: does it exist?

Aside from the criticism, venturing into the Australian market seems like a tough nut to crack for the retail giant, Walmart. Below are some of the reasons this may be:

Scale vs Infrastructure:

Australia is quite petite when you think about it – a mere 24 million people dotting an entire continent. That’s simmmmilar to the population of New York State, which houses around 20 million.

Establishing the substantial infrastructure necessary to sustain their vast product range in Australia doesn’t seem worth it, especially considering the market here is already bustling with established players like Coles and Woolworths.

Cultural Flexibility

Walmart failed to establish itself in Germany, despite it being a compact country with a staggering 80 million population.

Their rigidity in adapting to the German work culture and shopping habits didn’t win them any favours.

Equally, the Australian market, with its unique nuances, might prove to be a difficult terrain for them. Hence, it seems unlikely we’ll be spotting a Walmart around the block anytime soon.

Minimum Wages

The Australian national minimum wage significantly outpaces that of the US.

This implies that Walmart’s strategy of reigning supreme in cost leadership would take a substantial hit here.

They’d be caught in a dilemma – either inflate prices and lose their competitive edge, or watch their earnings dwindle, making their venture here somewhat futile.

An Already Established Market

When it comes to already present supermarkets in Australia, we’ve got the major players – Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, and IGA – who have a tight grip on the market.

This makes for a tough playing ground for Walmart, having to face established and beloved brands.

Besides, Aussies have a thing for their independent grocers and smaller stores, often offering products at prices that even undercut the big supermarkets.

Walmart would find it hard to find a foothold amidst this preference for independent, cost-effective alternatives.

Based on these factors, it is unlikely we will see Walmart in Australia anytime soon!

Benefits of Walmart in Australia

Whilst there are obvious challenges to Walmart making a grand entrance Down Under, it’s worth noting that there’s a silver lining to Walmart coming to Australia.

Below are some benefits that could come our way if the giant decides to set up camp here:

Greater Shopping Choices

Australia’s retail landscape is no stranger to diversity, but the entry of Walmart would surely add a new dimension.

This could lead to Aussies enjoying a wider array of choices, from international favourites like the cherished American Graham Crackers to niche items, adding a dash more variety to their regular shopping spree.

A Friendlier Price Tag on Your Favourite Items

Walmart is renowned for its “Everyday Low Prices” strategy. If they were to maintain this pricing strategy in Australia, consumers could potentially benefit from more competitive pricing.

Reduced product prices could put pressure on local supermarkets and retailers to revisit their pricing strategies, igniting a price war that ultimately benefits the customer’s wallet.

Increase in Job Opportunities

Establishing a presence in Australia would mean Walmart would need a considerable workforce to manage and operate its stores. This would a surge in job opportunities, ranging from entry-level positions like cashiers and stockers to managerial and logistics roles.

Not just in-store, but Walmart’s entry could also increase job opportunities in distribution, logistics, and even in the local supply chains. Their expansion would undeniably give the local job market a significant boost.

Final Thoughts on Walmart in Australia

As of 2023, Walmart does not exist in Australia.

This decision aligns with their broader game plan to steer clear of terrains where heavyweights like Coles and Woolworths have firmly marked their territory.

While the Aussie retail landscape may not currently feature Walmart, who knows what the future holds?

For now, we’ll keep enjoying the unique charm and choice that our local retailers bring to the table.

Walmart in Australia: FAQs

Is Walmart in Australia?

No, Walmart does not have a presence in Australia.

Does Walmart have any plans to enter the Australian market?

Walmart has not announced any plans to enter the Australian market.

Does Walmart ship to Australia?

Whilst Walmart doesn’t ship directly to Australia, you can use package-forwarding services to get their products here from the US.

What is Australia’s version of Walmart?

While Australia doesn’t possess an exact counterpart to Walmart, retail chains like Big W, Kmart, and Target somewhat parallel the expansive retail experience

Is there a Walmart in Queensland?

There is not a Walmart store in Queensland, nor anywhere else in Australia.

Is BIG W the same as Walmart?

Whilst there are similarities of the two stores, BIG W is a prominent retail chain in Australia, independent of any associations with Walmart.

Where is Walmart in Australia?

Unfortunately, there is no Walmart in Australia.

What countries does Walmart operate in?

Walmart operates in a diverse range of countries, encompassing regions from North America and Asia to parts of Central and South America

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